UMY Breaks MURI Record for the Care of Teenagers’ Traffic Accidents


Most people are afraid of seeing fractures due to traffic accidents. Indeed, death because of loss of blood can be prevented.

In an interview on Thursday (31/5), chief of a national seminar, national social work, PON and MURI 2016, Belva Prima Geniosa told that Medical Aids of Asy-Syifaa’ Life Emergency Rescue Team (TBM ALERT) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted the national seminar, social work, and PON PTBMMKI 2016 on Saturday (21/5) at OSCE Center of PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping. In the end of the event, TBM ALERT achieved MURI’s award for the greatest number of participants of simultaneous training of musculoskeletal trauma management.

The training aimed at providing knowledge for students so that, if they confront the circumstance, they can undertake first aid.

The seminar is an annual program and this year TBM ALERT of UMY became the host. The seminar focused on ‘Enhancing Knowledge in Trauma Emergency Care’. Besides, the social world was organized in Sungapan, Argodadi, Sedayu, while the MURI record held at Asri Medical Center raised the theme ‘Quick Response, Right Hospitalization, Safe Life’.

The participants of the seminar, social work, and PON were medical teams across Indonesia, while the participants were 1,139 students in 11 areas. They were from SMAN 1 Yogyakarta, SMAN 2 Yogyakarta, SMAN 4 Yogyakarta, SMAN 5Yogyakarta, SMA Muhammadiyah 4 Yogyakarta, SMA Muhammadiyah 5 Yogyakarta, SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta, SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Yogyakarta, SMK Muhammadiyah 4 Yogyakarta, MA Mu’alimmat Yogyakarta, UMY, University of Ahmad Dahlan, and Stikes Ahmad Yani.


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