UMY Bikes to Solo and Handed the Muhammadiyah Conference Flag to UMS

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta continued the 48th Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah congressional relay mission to the Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) in a journey by bicycle on Sunday (8/3). Previously, UMY received the relay flag from Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, which also conducted cycling activities from Purwokerto to Yogyakarta at the end of January.

The 48th Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah congress with the theme ‘Advancing Indonesia, Enlightening the Universe’ will be held on July in the city of Surakarta, as UMS was appointed directly by the Muhammadiyah Central Board to be the organizer of the 5-year event. At this moment, the cycling activity is becoming a very appropriate alternative to broadcast the 48th Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah congress activities to the public.

“Basically the aim of the gowes (pedal) is to broadcast the 48th Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah Congress to the community, besides being a healthy activity. UMS have often conducted these activities like the bicycle trip from Sragen to Solo, which was attended by 400 participants, then Karanganyar-Solo which was followed by 1200 participants,” said the Chairperson of the UMS Gowes Committee Taufik Nugroho SH, MH, when welcoming the UMY Gowes team at the Siti Walidah UMS Building.

Participants of the UMY Gowes who travelled to Solo numbered 40 people and consisted of several members of the board, lecturers, and employees. The team covered a distance of about 70 km. The event started at exactly 5 am WIB,  and it was accompanied by rain almost all the way to the city of Solo. The route taken by UMY included Prambanan Temple, Al-Aqsa Klaten Great Mosque, Delanggu, Solo Baru, Surakarta Sultanate Palace, and finished at UMS at exactly 11 am WIB.

Meanwhile, UMY Gowes also brought its own theme, ‘Carbon Footprint Reduction Campaign’. This is in line with the campaign that has been carried out by UMY, the ‘Green Campus Initiative’.

“The Gowes team wore green shirts which is a part of the UMY Green Campus campaign, hopefully the public will know more and love the Muhammadiyah organization,” said Prof. Hilman Latief M.A. Ph.D. (hbb)

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