UMY Succeeds in Conducting ABU Robocon 2015

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) successfully organized ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon 2015 on Sunday (23/8) at Sportorium of UMY. The university had also succeeded in conducting Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) before the Asia-Pacific robot contest. It turned UMY’s pride of being the host of both national and international events.

Directorate-General of DP2M DIKTI M. Dimyati appreciated UMY as a private university for the success of conducting the robot contest. “Four thumbs up for UMY. The accomplishment can be noticed form various aspects like promotion, the venue, and many more,” he expressed.

“What UMY did to organize the contest was in order so that it could run well and smoothly. The spectators and participants must appreciate the contest,” he inserted.

The achievement encouraged UMY to always go forward. “Move forward and attempt to carry out more advanced work in other fields. UMY may not be self-satisfied due to the success of ABU Robocon 2015. Obtain the other achievements to foster UMY as the incredible private university in this country,” he advised.

Dimiyati also recommended UMY to prepare the next robot contest. “UMY has succeeded in being the contest organizer. In the next year, I wish that UMY can pass to regional and national robot contest so that the university will represent Indonesia in ABU Robocon 2016 in Thailand. Moreover, it will be very great if UMY can be the winner of national and international robot contest,” he expected.

Furthermore, a foreign spectator from University of Eindoven Patrick conveyed that the robot contest was excellent and fascinating. “I hope that UMY can conduct the other similar challenging robot contest, for instance by dividing automatic sensor robots and human-controlled robots. I suggest that there would be dissemination of robot technology that the participants present their robots,” he recommended.

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