UMY Becomes the Only Private University to Gain IAAS Full Membership

The International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS) is a Non Government Organization (NGO) for students of Agriculture Programs throughout the world. IAAS Indonesia consists of 11 members from various universities in Indonesia. This year in the XXV National Congress held at the Salis Setiabudhi Hotel, Bandung on January 25 to January 28, 2020, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) succeeded in becoming the only private university that has all its representative members pass as IAAS Indonesia members.

Seven student representatives from the Faculty of Agriculture Nur Rokhim, Worodiyanti Tri Hapsari, Afifah Yasmin, Maki Lukmanul Hakim, Alissa Qotrunnada Muhawarah, Siti Durrotul Maniha, and Muhammad Hilmy Zahran Mudaffat, succeeded in defeating 8 other universities who participated in the selection to become full members of IAAS Indonesia. They were declared to have passed along with two other state universities namely Udayana University and Universitas Negeri Jember.

One of UMY’s representatives Nur Rokhim explained how UMY had qualified to become a full member of IAAS. “This is a very proud moment for us because UMY is the only private university that managed to make its students become full members of IAAS Indonesia. This year’s result is due to the hard work of the members to run the village concept project program which consists of three aspects, namely education, community empowerment and agriculture, “he said when interviewed by the PR Team on Friday (7/02) at the UMY Worldwide Youth Campus.

IAAS was established in Indonesia in 1992 with the slogan “Think Globally Act Locally” and with the aim of becoming a forum for Indonesian agricultural students to be able to exchange ideas, ideas and concrete actions with other students around the world. IAAS Indonesia has local committees that are spread across various universities in Indonesia with major programs such as national and international student exchanges.

IAAS is an international organization with a basis on the development of science and technology in agriculture. IAAS World was founded 50 years ago and is currently active in more than 50 countries. IAAS is currently the largest agricultural student organization in the world.

“The IAAS programs include national and international internships. National internships take place in 11 cities that are members of the IAAS, while international internships take place in 40 member countries. This internship program is intended for all agricultural students at the university who have joined IAAS. We will be involved in international events related to agriculture, such as programs from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of Institute Pertanian Bogor, as well as other international programs related to agriculture,” Rokhim added.

This year’s XXV National Congress was organized by Universitas Padjadjaran with the theme “Encouraging Youth to Create Innovative Businesses of Local Food Products Based on Sociopreneurship”. According to Rokhim, the theme was adopted as an effort to increase student creativity in starting local food businesses by empowering villagers from each region.

“In the National Congress,  participants can exchange ideas and information about local food businesses in each region, especially in Bandung and Sumedang. One of them is the problem of management and local food potential in Sunda which is famous for having a variety of regional specialities. The series of activities from The 25th IAAS Indonesia National Congress 2020 is expected to strengthen the unity of all local committees in Indonesia and inspire young people to be able to think openly, especially about Indonesian agriculture and its future,” closed Rokhim. (ads)

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