UMY and Universiti Malaysia Sabah Collaborate in International Research CSR Program

The Communication Sciences Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) hosted an International Research Collaboration event, Comparative Study CSR Program in Indonesia and Malaysia, on Tuesday (13/08). The event is a venue to socialize international research concerning PT. Sarihusada Indonesia and Pt. Int3Tree Malaysia, results of research by UMY Communication Sciences lecturer Dr. Adhianty Nurjanah and Frizki Yulianti Nurnisya, M.Si as well as Journalism lecturer of Universiti Malaysia Sabah Dr. Norhuda Salleh.

The result of the research show several differences between the application of CSR in Indonesia and Malaysia. The CSR Program of PT. Sarihusada Indonesia focuses on community empowerment, while the CSR Program in Malaysia is in the form of trade training for the community. “There are unique differences shown in the results of this research, namely that Indonesian CSR Programs need to pass an evaluation and involve the media as a form of publication and transparency for both the public and stakeholders. However, in Malaysia, they do not evaluate any CSR activities or involve the media to prevent corruption. They adopted a ‘when the right hand gives, the left hand doesn’t need to know’ policy”. Stated Frizki Yulianti Nurnisya, M.Si regarding the results of her research.

The event that took place in the Communication Sciences Department’s Multimedia Room not only discusses the results of the research but also served as a discussion panel for CSR Programs in Malaysia as well as the CSR Programs in Indonesia through the eyes of the law. The event invited Dr. Mukti Fajar, a lecturer of Law from UMY who expressed his concerns regarding the regulations of Indonesian CSR Programs to present the ethics and regulations of CSR. “Regulations for CSR in Indonesia is still ambiguous because there are no laws that directly manage it. However, by law, a good CSR is one that profits both the company and the public,” Dr. Mukti Fajar stated.

The International Research Collaboration event left an interesting impression on Pinasthi Mahardika Ayuningratri, one of UMY’s students. “This kind of discussion and material are a must for PR students. From this event, we can know how CSR is applied in other countries and how they are regulated through Indonesian law,” Pinasthi stated.

Terlebih event ini memberikan rasa kagum bagi Dr. Norhuda Salleh pada mahasiswa UMY. “Seminar ini sangat menarik dan interaktif. Mahasiswa UMY juga sangat semangat dalam seminar. Mereka memberikan pendapat, tidak seperti seminar pada biasanya dimana mahasiswa seringkali diam dan jarang memberikan pendapat. Ini juga menjadi awal yang baik untuk kolaborasi penelitian antara UMY-UMS. Kami bisa saling berbagi pengalaman dan mengubahnya dalam sudut pandang yang berbeda,” tutur Dr. Norhuda Salleh, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

This event also left an impression on Dr. Norhuda Salleh. “This has been a very interesting and interactive seminar. Students of UMY were very interested in it. They are not afraid to give their opinions, where usually students would stay silent in seminars. This is a good start for collaborative research between UMY and UMS. We can share our experiences and view them through different points of view,” Dr. Norhuda stated.

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