UMY and IIUM Carry on Academic Cooperation


International Islam University Malaysia (IIUM) came to Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). Both institutions have been cooperating since long time. It began that a number of students of International Program of Law and Sharia (IPOLS) of UMY had student exchange to IIUM. On Friday (14/8) UMY welcomed IIUM after proposing field trip to UMY.

“It is not the first field trip since UMY and IIUM have been cooperating for long time. It is also supported by good relationship among lecturers of UMY and IIUM like Yordan Gunawan, S.H., Int., MBA, Iwan Satriawan, S.H., MCL, and others,” stated Vice Chancellor Dr. Ir. Gunawan Buidyanto, M.P. when delivering a remark. He expected that the cooperation can go on rapidly, bring benefits for both parties, and be more advanced in education and research.

Moreover, Head of OCCM (Office of Cooperate Communication & Marketing) of IIUM conveyed that their field trip aimed at carrying on the cooperation. “In this cooperation, we would like to exchange ideas and collaborate in international promotion in higher education and research. In fact, the collaboration has been conducted by AIKOL (Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Law) and UMY, and the MoU ended on 1 August 2015. Thus, we would like to continue the cooperation,” he stated.

If the previous MoU focused on AIKOL, he continued, they will cooperate in other fields like cooperation proposal to foster training of sharia finance, engineering, law, Islamic study, and language. We thought that we can carry out the collaboration well,” he asserted.

Furthermore, Dean of Center for Strategic Continuing Education and Training conveyed that his party will remain to accept students of UMY for student exchange at IIUM. Even though the MoU are in the extension process, his party will not problematize the students coming to IIUM. “The crux is that both educational institutions can welcome the students well. On the other word, we accept the exchanged students each other,” he affirmed.

Besides student exchange, Prof. Abbdul Rozak inserted, IIUM provides cooperation in research. “One of the significant aspects of the research collaboration is evolving research proposal. This aspect will ease both parties. We will also provide facilities as books or journals accessed in our library,” he informed.

Additionally, Ezmin Zulkifli presented that IIUM is a well-known university that the students come from 104 countries. The number of Indonesian students is the greatest, 642 students. “From the statistic data, it can be noticed that IIUM is an excellent university that a lot of international achievements are also gained. For instance, IIUM has recently achieved the winner of international debate and the best Islamic Banking in the world,” he elucidated.

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