UMY and Flinders University Will Conduct an Online Course

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) provides occasions for s students from more than its 100 partner universities in the world as an effort of UMY to be an internationally reputable university. On Monday (1/10), UMY updated an agreement with Flinders University Australia which has been for five years.

UMY was represented Vice Rector for Cooperation and International Affairs Prof. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc. and Head of International Relations of UMY, while Flinders University was represented by Associate Professor in Public Administration, College of Business, Government & Law Prof. Noor Shiddique and Manager International Recruitment and Engagement.

“The renewal may lead UMY to be an internationally reputable university and may enhance quality of students, lecturers, and staffs,” expected Yordan. Besides conducting a double degree program, Flinders University and UMY agreed to student exchange, summer school, lecturer and staff programs.

Yordan also told that UMY also would like to leverage e-learning so that during the meeting UMY parties wished that UMY lecturers could have an access to journals and learning materials of Flinders University and vice versa. “Thus, learning via video calls may be undertaken,” declared Yordan.

Yordan added that the previous agreement was only with Department of International Relations so that the agreement renewal may lead to cooperation between Flinders University and other departments of UMY. The meeting was also attended by Deans of Faculty Economics and Business, Social and Political Science, Language Education, Medicine and Health Science, and Law, as well as Heads of Department of International Relations, Medicine, and Nursing.

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