UMY Achieved Five-Star Rating in Quacquarelli Symond International Accreditation with Improved Ratings

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has made another mark on an international level. This time, UMY managed to achieve five stars in five different categories of the QS (Quacquarelli Symond) External Audit. Those categories are Teaching, Employability, Facilities, Social Responsibility, and Inclusiveness. With these results, UMY accumulated a score of 522 and achieved an overall score of three stars. This decision was made on August 9th 2019 in London, England. The result is an increase from the previous audit where UMY earned two stars overall.

Prof. Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc, the UMY Vice-Rector of Cooperation and International Affairs, stated that this decision was UMY’s target for the last three years. “This is the second audit result we (UMY) achieved after the first one in 2015. This result is right in our target because we did aim for an overall rating of three stars. The score is based on the categories defined by QS. for the future, we will aim for an even higher target,” He stated when interviewed in his office at UMY Central Campus on Wednesday (14/8).

To achieve future targets, UMY will focus on internationalization. UMY will increase international study programs, invite lecturers from other countries, increase cooperation with institutions from other countries, and increase the number of foreign students that study in UMY. “Our next three years will focus on the international stage,” Prof. Nurmandi added.

On another occasion, Evi Rahmawati, S.E., M.Acc., PhD., Ak., CA, The head of UMY QS team stated that the score for Teaching and Employability increased compared to the previous occasion’s score.

“Kali ini kami mendapatkan lima bintang untuk kategori Pengajaran dan Kepegawaian. Untuk kategori Teaching ini dinilai dari kepuasan mahasiswa, kesadaran mahasiswa UMY untuk melanjutkan pendidikan ke jenjang yang lebih tinggi dan rasio antara dosen dengan mahasiswa seimbang. Sementara pada kategori Employability, dinilai dari jangka waktu lulusan UMY untuk mendapat pekerjaan, lalu ketertarikan perusahaan untuk memberi informasi pekerjaan kepada mahasiswa UMY dan keberadaan lembaga penyalur informasi pekerjaan di UMY yang bernama Career Development Center (CDC),” imbuhnya.

“This time, we received five stars for the Teaching and Employability categories. The Teaching category is scored from the students’ satisfaction rating, UMY students’ intention to continue their education to a higher level, and a balanced ratio of students and lecturers. For the Employability category, the score was taken from the time it took for UMY graduates to secure a job and UMY’s Career Development Center (CDC),” she added.

Sementara pada kategori Facilities (Fasilitas), Responsibility (Tanggungjawab Sosial) dan Inclusiveness (Inklusivitas) berhasil mempertahankan lima bintang yang telah diraih pada penilaian sebelumnya dengan kualitas yang terus meningkat. Dengan hasil ini, Evi optimis UMY akan mampu mencapai target untuk bertengger di level manca negara. “Beberapa kategori berhasil kami pertahankan dengan baik dan tentunya bersama dengan peningkatan mutu yang kami miliki,” pungkas Evi. (ak)

UMY managed to maintain a five star rating on Facilities, Responsibility, and Inclusiveness caregories. With these results, Evi is optimistic about UMY’s target for the international stage. “We managed to maintain some of the other categories and even increase their qualities,” Evi stated. (ak)

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