UKM ‘Pramuka’ of UMY Organizes a Speech Competition for University and High School Students across Indonesia


Student Activity Unit (UKM) Pramuka (Scout) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized a National Speech and Musical Drama Competition (LPDK). It was conducted on 1–3 May 2015 at UMY and was joined by 20 participants from various universities and high schools across Indonesia. However, the National Musical Drama would be held on October 2015.

Ir. Agus Nugroho Setiawan, M.P., Head of Student and Alumni Development Institute (LPKA) of UMY, delivered a remark and stated that it was a positive event to encourage Indonesian youths to express their opinions and ideas in a speech. “The speech competition is very great for Indonesian youths as media to say their thoughts obviously, so that they would not voice their views through demonstration and burning wheels,” he uttered.

Agus inserted that the event could intertwine the relation among the participants who came from various areas in Indonesia. It would reinforce relationship among Indonesian youths. “You may make this competition a forum to create a link and good relationship among Indonesian youths. Even though there would be winning and losing, it is just a bonus of this competition,” he continued.

Joining the competition were Mulawarman University of Samarinda, Hasanuddin University of Makassar, Indonesian Islamic University, Stikes Kharisma Karawang, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), and Public Senior High School 1 Maniagpojo of South Sulawesi. The event raised a theme of “With Pramuka, Create Cultural Spirit and Intellectual Scouts”. The representatives of five universities and one senior high school were selected to join the speech competition today, Saturday (2/5) in Auditorium of Unires Putra (University Residence for male) of UMY. They had already passed in a speech text selection round.

Dawud Setianto, chief of the event, told that it aimed at displaying concern of UKM Pramuka UMY on the condition of Indonesian youths who are less cultured and intellectual. They are much more interested in Western culture than Indonesian culture. “It is expected that this event could raise Indonesian youths’ awareness of loving their culture. This is the time for us to make movement confront the cultural issues,” he asserted.

Dawud informed that the classical drama competition would be carried out on October. Besides the speech competition, in that occasion there would be a campus tour and Jogja tour to acquaint UMY and Jogja to the participants. “We are going to invite the participants to travel and introduce tourism places in Jogja. It would be undertaken on Sunday (3/5) after the announcement of the winner. In addition, there would be 9 participants from five universities and one senior high school competing in final round,” he inserted.

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