UKI JAA of UMY Conducts a Writing Seminar

An Islamic club of Jamaah Al-Anhar (UKI JAA) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized a writing seminar as a part of JAA Fair. The seminar entitled ‘Developing Rabbani Generation through Literacy Movement’ was conducted on Thursday (1/3) at A.R. Fachruddin B of UMY and joined by 130 students from University of Ahmad Dahlan, Stikes A. Yani and UMY.

Speakers of the seminars were Head of Library of UMY Lasa Hs, M.Si. and a fiction novel author Kurniawan  Gunadi. “Everyone must be able to write if there is a will,” declared Lasa.

He inserted that humans are forgetful and inextricable from making mistakes. Thus, to be able to remember what they have learners, knowledge needs to be written. “Writing is a mean of maintaining knowledge,” believed Lasa.

Meanwhile, Guawan Gunadi told that today’s generation should be aware of the significance of literacy, both writing and reading. Seeking a lot of information and making innovations enable people to understanding the world in this era. “Basically, all information is neutral, and what drive it positive or negative is ourselves,” he stated.

In addition, Chief of JAA Fair 2018 Rinaldy expected that the seminar could enhance people’s awareness of the importance of literacy. “This seminar also aims to reinforce goof relationship among participants,” said Rinaldy who is a student of Department of Informatics Engineering of batch 2016.

The seminar is an annual event held by UKI JAA of UMY. Another seminar entitled ‘Great Muslim Woman Training’, TPA Competition, and Tabligh Akbar will be conducted about March and April.

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