Two Films by Communication Science Students of UMY Win the WDFF 2016


Two films of Communication Science Students of Universtitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) achieved awards in Wonosobo Documentary Film Festival (WDFF) 2016 having a theme ‘Kartini Kini’ (Karini nowadays). The WDFF was one of the event series of Wonosobo Creative Movement #1 organized by Kubik Creative collaborating with Wonosobo Development Planning Board (BAPEDDA). It was conducted on Thursday (21/4) at Adipura Kencana Wonosobo.

The two films were entitled ‘Keadilan Warga’ and ‘Bukan K tapi U’. In an interview on Friday (22/4), Holy Lathifa Algania, a Communication Science student of UMY of batch 2012 as well as the producer of Bukan K tapi U stated, “Keadilan Warga obtained the winner while Bukan K tapi U became the second runner up, and the first runner up was gained by Akindo (Indonesia Communication Academy),” she informed.

There were 50 participants joining the film festival, and only five films were nominated.

The two films told Indonesian women’s life nowadays. Keadilan Warga directed by Muhammad Fatur Albashori, a Communication Science student of UMY of batch 2012, presented restless women due to massive hotel constructions in Yogyakarta. “Then, the society established a justice forum for the people that                claimed responsibility to the hotel parties for inferior impacts because of the hotel constructions,” Holy said.

Besides, Bukan K tapi U narrated a figure of Kartini nowadays named Utiyah. “Utiyah is a former patient of psychiatric hospital. She made her house a care house for mentally ill people not accommodated by Social Services. She spent her money and community donation taking care of the people,” Holy informed.

Holy expected that the films could inspire all Indonesian people, particularly Indonesian young filmmakers. “May the achievement motivate Indonesian young generation to create something valuable,” she ended.

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