IT UMY Prepares Students and Alumni for Confronting Future Technology


It is inevitable the rapid development of information and technology. The sophisticated technology nowadays might not be a trend in the future. Thus, students and alumni of Information Technology ought to be ready to face the huge development of technology in the future. One of the ways undertaken by Department of Information Technology of UMY to confront the challenge is by preparing the students for acknowledging current and future technology as early as possible.

The aforementioned paragraph was delivered by Head of Information Technology Department of UMY Muhammad Helmi Zain Nuri, S.T., M.T. in Graduation Ceremony Information Technology Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogykarta. The event took place on Wednesday (1/4) in a room of Stadium General of Engineering of UMY. It was an event of certificate reward for 17 students of IT UMY accomplishing their study at IT UMY along with NIIT, India. The certificate was awarded by Praves Kumar, an ambassador of NIIT India.

Helmi stated that cooperation between UMY and NIIT India was only for Department of Information Technology (IT) since it was in line with an objective of the department preparing the students and alumni for encountering future technology. “We have three huge programs which become our challenges. First, we would like to prepare students and alumni of IT UMY to confront unavailable technology nowadays. Second, we would like to prepare them for unavailable job in technology field currently. Last, we would like to prepare them for being able to cope with issues of technology aspect which we have not recognized yet. Therefore, the cooperation between UMY and NIIT India existed,” he told.

Helmi also asserted that the cooperation was in the term of learning curriculum cooperation. Learning curriculum of NIIT was also taught at IT UMY. The contents of courses were also from NIIT’s courses. “Nevertheless, the courses were in line with the system of this college. They gained material from IT UMY and particular material from NIIT. For the assessment from NIIT, they did it online so that their grade would be achieved from these two educational institutions,” he expressed.

Helmi continued that the cooperation has been carried out since 2010, and aimed at giving additional point for students and alumni. Furthermore, in order that they were approved by industry, NIIT, and UMY, they would be rewarded a degree from NIIT, namely Dip. S.E. standing for Diploma Software Engineering.

“The Dip. S.E. is to compliment Bachelor of Engineering (S.T.) so that they owe additional point when applying for a job. In addition, their certificate and degree from NJIIT are also certified by other countries as Singapore, Australia, England, and Myanmar. Hence, if they are eager to pursue their study in those countries, it could be undergone easily because their degree and certificate are certified internationally. They do not need to take long time for their study since most credits or courses have been learnt in NIIT,” inserted Helmi.

Moreover, Jazaul Ikhsan, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. conveyed that the certificate was an evidence of 17 students’ ability in technology and information field. Not only did they learn how the development of future technology is, but also prepare themselves for confront challenges and technology in the coming future.

“It is a proof that you are capable. However, it turns enormous responsibility since the development of information technology is fast, and what we are learning right now might not be a hot topic to learn in the future. Thus, students and alumni of IT should be ready to learn and learn, as well as learn to be independent to encounter everything in the coming future.

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