Through a Mobile Application, UMY Bestows 1.4 Million Zakah to 173 Muhammadiyah Businesses

Univeritas Muhammadiyah Yogykarta (UMY) routinely provides zakah (donation) every semester. “In period of odd semester of 2018/2019, UMY shares as many as 173 charities to Muhammadiyah Businesses across Yogyakarta and its surrounding areas,” explained Drs. Bambang Rahmant in hall of Muhammadiyah Regional Office of Yogyakarta on Friday (8/2).

“This semester we have received hundreds of proposals from Yogyakarta and nearby areas, including Muhammadiyah Businesses from Jawa Barat to Sulawesi, but we prioritize the closest areas of Yogyakarta. A majority of proposals we accepted were from Kulonprogo, attaining as much as 1.4 billion,” continued Bambang.

Muhammadiyah Businesses which receive zakah were varied, starting from elementary  to senior high schools, including mosques and others. To draw out zakah, institutions can start using a mobile application, BMT Mobile. This application can be downloaded and installed on cellphones. The application aims to ease customers and becomes one of the contributions of BMT UMY to confront the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Secretary of BMT UMY Uang Wari, S.E. MEK informed, “This year, customers do not have to hassle coming to UMY to take zakah, especially those who come from other regions. This application also facilitates customers in doing interaction and provides easy access with new features we present inside.”

Responding the matter, Vice Rector for Resources, Finance, and Assets of UMY Dr. Suryo Pratolo, M.Si., Ak.,CA.,AAP-A maintained that modernization of tasharuf (release) of zakah is purposed to expand UMY coverage, especially as a university that aspires to bring benefits to many people.

“This innovation is based on ideals of Muhammadiyah, to be developed with technology and to extensively help people. Hopefully, in the next zakah period we can optimize the reception of zakah and expand zakah coverage. We hope that this innovation can be beneficial for people,” revealed Suryo.

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