Three Lecturers of UMY Assist People to Prevent Diabetes Miletus through a Seven-Minute Activity

Three lecturers of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) performed community service in Jengkelingan, Patrowangsan, Siodarum, Godean, Sleman. They promoted how to prevent diabetes mellitus with a 7-minute activity. It was conducted at a porch of, Masjid At-Ta’awuun Jengkelingan on Tuesday (5/2).

The lecturers were dr. Mahendro Prasetyo Kusumo, MMR (a lecturer at Master of Hospital Management), Sakir, S.IP., M.IP., and Eko Atmojo. S.IP., M.IP (lecturers at Department of Governmental Studies). Their community service was an implementation of Catur Dharma  Perguruan Tinggi (Four Principles of Higher Education) and a result of a proposal agreed by Office of Research, Publication, and Community Service (LP3M) of UMY.

Chief of the community service team dr. Mahendro Prasetyi Kusumo, MMR stated that the community service program focused on a health area, particularly how to prevent the diabetes mellitus.

“As health workers, we should prevent the diabetes mellitus including complications due to the disease,” declared dr. Mahedro.

Mahendro, well-known as Mahe, informed that government had held some programs but the results were not quite satisfying. Thus, the lecturers sought to coin a health community with a seven-minute activity.

One of the team members Sakir, S.IP., M.IP. mentioned that the seven-minute activities was commenced by an exercise, medical checkup (blood pressure and blood sugar). For people suffering the diabetes mellitus, the team prepared a questioner. Then, 30 were selected as a sample.

“It is a sustainable community service. After gathering the data, we will monitor them.  Afterward, we will educate and accompany them. We will provide treatments and see whether or not there is betterment,” explained Sakir, a coordinator of a laboratory of Governmental Studies.

Additionally, Head of Management of Masjid At-Ta’awuun Heru Minarto was grateful for the cooperation with UMY. He believed that the program is necessary to optimize social and religious activities.

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