The United States Ambassador, Robert Blake, Invited Students to Study in the United States of America


Studying abroad was a good choice to enhance the educational quality and experience regarding developed countries. Besides, living overseas was a precious experience for most people. Thus, studying abroad such as United States of America was the right choice for students to foster their experience to perceive living and studying in the USA.

It was stated by the US Ambassador to Indonesia, Robert Blake, in his remark when presenting a material dealing with “Global Education 21th Century” in his visit to Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), taking place in meeting room, AR. Fachruddin B Floor 5 of UMY, on Thursday (23/10).

Additionally, Robert uttered that he personally invited students of UMY to study in the USA. He said that overseas students studying at universities in the USA had big chances to achieve scholarship from either the US government or the universities.

“I personally invite everybody here to study in the USA. While you could get experiences of living in the USA, you have a big occasion to get scholarship from either the US government or the university where you study at,” told Blake.

Blake added when answering a question from one of the audiences dealing with the existence of discrimination to the students who wear veils. Blake disputed that there was not any discrimination toward Muslims who wear veils. Blake conveyed that the US government protected the ones who eager to wear veils and the society have high respect toward the distinction and beliefs. The US government committed that discrimination in the US would not exist.

“There is not any discrimination in wearing veils there. We save the ones who want to wear veils, and the society respect the differences there very much. We do protect the distinct beliefs to remain going well there. In the USA, the government should keep saving that in order that the discrimination does not take place,” Blake explained.

Besides giving public lecture, Blake had visited American Corner (AMCOR) of UMY. He looked at immediately the activities at AMCOR with the rector of UMY, Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A., and staffs of UMY. (Shidqi)

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