The Psychology of Orphans Should Be Comprehended


Five-year-old toddlers entail sufficient nutrients for their development. The psychology of the toddlers, particularly orphans, should be given care. Thus, orphanage caretakers must understand their psychology and how to manage it.

Children have their own background. For instance, orphans and children before marriage have confronted psychological burdens since they were child. In training for orphanage caretakers of Dhu’afa Mustika Tama orphanage on Tuesday (7/6) in Cemplung, Padokan Kidul, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Pihasni Wati, M.A., one of the psychologists of Morfosa community, informed that a 20-week fetus already possesses emotions. “Each of the mother’s feeling will affect the fetus. If the mother get stressed and depressed, the feelings will impact the fetus like the baby will kick. A stressed mother likely bears a depressed baby,” Hasni stated.

To coping with the issue by giving adequate affection to the baby, orphanage caretakers should concern with several aspects. First, they have to ensure that they possess the affection before giving it to the children. “The caretakers should be aware of their feeling whether they feel sad, disappointed, or mad. They have to pray to God in order that their feeling of love returns,” Hasni advised.

Next, the caretakers ought to understand primary need of the children in their age which is security and trust. The ways to create the senses are showing positive faces and expressing positive words. “For instance, the caretakers may always smile at the children. Do not show expressions which children do not like since disasters may begin from the faces. The positive words can be undertaken by not scolding and hitting the children. The positive words should motivate them,” Hasni emphasized.

Additionally, the training was a Student Creativity Program for Community Service (PKM-M) of five students comprising four nursing students and one Islamic Broadcasting. They were Novelinda Permata Sari, rahmat Arifin, Dzikri Abdillah, Astri Sulistiyaningrum and Pujie Sukmi. Their PHM was entitled ‘Pelopor Rumah Pintar (Perumpi) Peduli Anak Goes to Panti dalam Membentuk Pengasuh Anak Bangsa Berkarakter’ (Smart House of Children Care Goes to Orphanage in Building Children’s Charactes).


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