The Poor Deserves Quality Education

Poverty is a dominant factor affecting humanitarian issues such as underdevelopment, ignorance, neglect, premature death, dropping out and human trafficking. The issue becomes a background of Harmaini’s dissertation entitled ‘Social Reality Construction of the Poor about Education in Tuah Karya, Tampan, Pekanbaru’. Harmani presents his dissertation at the dissertation defense for Doctoral Program of Psychology of Islamic Education of Universitas Muammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Thursday (5/7) at Building of Kasman Singodimedjo.

Harmaini mentioned that that a lot of efforts have been undertaken to eradicate poverty. “However, social reality construction of the poor about education shows that education lacks understanding of the poor, inability in providing education, recognizing difficulties in life, and doubts that education can lead to the success. Education has been focusing on only the equality in society so that there is not any increasing interest and ability in learning among the poor. Thus, it is not surprising that the poor remains poor because they do not get quality education and education suitable for the poor’s condition. The poor cannot enhance their capability because their thinking ability do not support them to do so,” he declared.

The poor considers that education does not take sides of them. “Education now is not entirely understanding the poor’s situation. They think that education does not make them better because government and private parties only concern with education for economically, intellectually, and socially capable people,” conveyed Harmini,

He believed that education should be able to boost people’s intelligence and capability in controlling emotion and religion. “Hence, it needs to exist education about not only mastering knowledge and understanding how to teach but also understanding psychology of the poor. If education can accommodate the poor’s characteristics such as attitudes, thoughts, emotions, and religion, the poor can enjoy the education and believe that education can improve their life,” he emphasized.

Additionally, Harmini passed the doctoral program with credit predicate. At his dissertation defense, Prof. Dr. Usman Abu Bakar, M.A, and Dr. M. Nurul Yamin, M.Si., were his supervisors while Prof. Dr. Sutrisno, M.Ag.,  Dr. Abd. Madjid M.Ag., Dr. Suciati, S.Sos, M.Si., Dr. Aris Fauzan, M.A., Dr. Muhammad Anis and Sri Atmaja, P. Rosyidi, M.Sc. Eng, Ph.D., P.E. were his examiners.

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