Technology Is Expected to Be Able to Escalate Human Dignity

Globalization demands everyone to be familiar with technology. The existence of technology eases them comply with their need; indeed, it should be able to enhance people’s dignity.

The aforementioned thoughts was declared by Co-founder of Research and Observation of Technology and Society (Roots) Riefqi Muna in a public lecture on ‘New Technologies, Security, and Future International Relations’ organized by Master of International Relations of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Thursday (22/02) at a meeting hall of Graduate School of UMY.

Riefqi stated that the more sophisticated technology gets, the more quality in technology people should have. People have to adjust to the technology.

“Technology is a device developed as human needs. The technology use should be led to positive aspects. Technology is technically employed in a military sector such as armaments and a civil sector as transportation and industry development. People also need to adapt to the technology advancement which is now easily accessible,” declared Rriefqi.

Besides, the technology should be promoted to all Indonesian since many of them have limited access to technology. “People should know not only the technology but also the contents, technology use, information, and ethics. The media literacy aims to enhance people’s awareness of the technology use so that they will realize impacts of technology on their life and will consider contents which they will publish,” emphasized Riefqi, who is also an alumnus of Department of International Relations of UMY.

The citizens also need to understand information security systems. “Rapid technology advancements are often misused for crime. Since there are a lot of transaction, the emergence of cybercrime is highly possible. Thus, the security is essential to avoid data leakage. Indeed, security systems of a country is vital and should not be used carelessly because it will affect the sovereignty of the state.

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