Sustainable Agriculture in Tropical Countries Should Prioritize Autonomy

A tropical country has different characteristics of agricultural systems from natural aspect such as regional temperature and plan variety to socio-economic aspects related to institutions and society. These topics are mainly discussed in tropical farming. One of the very current issues is related to creation of sustainable agricultural systems. The statements were delivered by H.E. Songphol Sukchan, Ambassador of Kingdom of Thailand Embassy to Indonesia in an opening of International Tropical Framing Summer School (ITFSS) on Monday (4/3) at Kasman Singodimedjo building of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

ITFSS 2019 is a program conducted by Department of Agrotechnology of UMY and has been organized four times. The program was held on Monday (4/3) to Friday (8/3). The summer school program engaged 25 students from four different countries, namely Japan (13 students), Spain (2 students), Thailand (2 students), and Indonesia (8 students).

Songphol mentioned that sustainable agriculture should be main concern for tropical countries, such as Indonesia and Thailand. “This is because agricultural systems in both countries are quite different with technologies from western countries. Through concrete development, we should urge proper innovation to create sustainable agricultural systems in tropical regions so that all agricultural aspects can bring welfare, especially for society and state,” revealed Songphol.

Songphol conveyed that resiliency is a principle of sustainable agriculture that needs to be fulfilled. He continued, “Through a rapid change in agriculture, there needs to be a preparation to confront it. Hence, we need an ability to identify, predict, and evaluate hazards that may occur in the future. The ability is necessary for a country to recover from a downturn. If this suppressive policy is implemented, I am sure that we can achieve our goal to create an independent society in agricultural sectors.”

“Sustainable agriculture targets optimal benefits, instead of maximal ones. Hence, aspects as well as rehabilitation, conservation, and independence are essential to apply. This program is a reflection of our commitment to provide solutions for a better life,” ended Songphol.

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