Sunshine Voice of UMY Conducts a Concert


A student choir of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Sunshine Voice, organized a concert ‘Kina: A Bitter Sweet Symphony Concert’. It was conducted on Sunday (8/5) at Concert Hall of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY). It presented 52 singers comprising various voice kinds such as soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

Chief of the committee, Hanan Siti Noor Rachmawati, stated that there was a musical drama which the main actor was named Kina. “The name is derived from a fruit name ‘Kina’ (Cincho Calisa) tasting bitter but having a benefit to heal malaria,” she told.

“Kina’s boyfriend left her due to an accident, and she got down. However, she finally found happiness after her friends invited her to sing. Through the musical drama, this student choir would like to tell the audience how music and friendship can bring someone’s happiness back,” Hanan conveyed.

President of the Sunshine Voice, Liya Nadzarina, informed it was a welcoming concert for new members of Sunshine Voice. “The concert shows the quality of the new members even though the members from the previous batches are involved. The concert is expected to encourage the members to keep exercising and joining competitions,” she wished.

Head of Student and Alumni Development Affairs Ir. Agus Nugroh Setiawan uttered, “The concert demonstrates the quality of the Sunshine Voice, and the concert success may not make them complacent. The achievement may enhance their capability of singing,” he hoped.

Additionally, the achievements of the Sunshine Voice are gaining a silver medal in Choir Festival of ITB XIX (2004), obtaining a silver medal in Choir Festival of ITB (2008), conducting a concert of ‘The Beauty of Indonesian Folksong’ (2009, the fifth placed Choir Competition of Kopertis V DIY (2013), organizing a farewell concert ‘Survival’ (2015, and achieving gold and silver medal of International Choir Competition Grand Prix Pattaya Thailand (2015).

“The Sunshine Voice will join an international choir competition in South Korea in 2017,” Liya ended.

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