Studying in France Should Master the Language

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Government of France provides scholarships for all Indonesian students. However, mastering French is the foremost aspect to be able to pursue the education through achieving scholarship in a state well-known for Eiffel Tower.

It was stated by university cooperation attaché of French embassy to Indonesia, Antoine Devoucoux de Buysson, in a seminar of study in France conducted by Mini Theater of PPB UMY on Thursday afternoon (18/12).

Antoine explained that France had become the main destination for students in this world to pursue their education since there were a great quality of education and low living cost. Moreover, he mentioned that the government of his country did not distinguish overseas students, and they had the same chance to achieve the support of tuition fee or free.

The government of France, he continued, provided scholarships as the support of tuition fee for students in the country being a center of the world fashion. Nevertheless, he reminded that the students who were willing to get the support should take a program in French or be able to speak French to socialize in daily life.

He neglected an assumption that French was hard to understand. French, he stated, had been used by diplomats and become an official language of United Nations besides English,” he mentioned in the event held by Warung Prancis of UMY.

On the other hand, he uttered that Indonesian, that most of them are Muslims, was not necessary to worry when living in his country. He confessed that French were open-minded to all newcomers moreover to the ones who had different background and belief. He told that Muslims who lived there did not need to worry about getting difficulties to get halal food. He argues that many places in France sold halal food, and it was also provided in shopping centers.

Furthermore, Nur Fitria, a person in charge of Campus France of Yogyakarta motioned that the tuition fee in France was much cheaper than Indonesia. The students also got various facilities such as forty percents of the living cost support. Cost of lunch was also cheap in the university canteens.

“The tuition fee in France is about three to seven million rupiahs. What should be paid is the registration fee. The living cost is also cheap that we only spend 3 euro to get complete menu at the university canteen,” she continued.

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