Students Should Possess Plus Points


Students are encouraged to have both high grade and non-academic activities. In orientation day or so-called Masa Ta’aruf of Social and Political Science Faculty (FISIPOL) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Wednesday (7/9), former cabinet secretary of Republic of Indonesia (RI), Dr. Andi Widjajanto, motivated FISIPOL students to actively engage in non-academic activities.

“Students should gain a minimum GPA of 3.00 when graduating since they will confront challenging era. You also have to possess additional aspects that can be obtained through being active in organizations, undertaking internships, and performing community services,” he uttered.

Therefore, public will see students positively. Public will think that students are smart, care, and have initiation.

Andi, who is also Social and Political Science lecturer of University of Indonesia, argued that generations born 1995 and above are Y generations. They are positive generation possessing optimistic views. “For instance, when K-Pop culture comes to Indonesia, they are not worried that K-Pop will take over Indonesian culture,” Andi said.

Andi told that after 2050, People’s Republic of China and Indonesia are predicted to be superpower countries. “People’s Republic of China is now good at economy and military so that the country will likely become the greatest country in the world. What about Indonesia? It depends on whether or not the people are ready, whether or not students are optimistic about the future, and whether or not we believe in ourselves,” Andi emphasized.

Besides, a Nadhatul Ulama (NU) figure, K.H. Miftah Maulana Habiburrahman or well known as Gus Miftah presented Indonesian cultural values which all generation should preserve.

Gus Miftah contended that the greatest challenge of Indonesia is not from wahabi people or other groups. “Indonesia is now facing reconciliation emergency. This condition will threaten this nation,” he declared.

To preserve Indonesian cultural identity, Gus Miftah recommended that FISIPOL students are not bashful to show their Indonesian identity because Indonesia possesses its own culture and local wisdom. “Indonesian Muslims should not follow to wear long flowing robe as Arabic culture. In Saudi Arabia, people wear robe wherever they go. We, as Indonesian Muslims, may wear sarong or batik which is a part of our culture,” he ended.


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