Students of UMY Win the World Chinese Proficiency Competition

Two students and an alumnus of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) gained achievements at the World Chinese Proficiency Competition “Chinese Bridge” on Sunday (10/2) at Atrium of Hartono Mall, Yogyakarta. Zurayda Enggar Kusuma (a student of Department of International Relations), Nugroho Mukti Riyadi (a student of Department of English Language Education), and Muhammad Iqbal (an alumnus of a student of Department of International Relations) became the first runner up, the second runner up, and the favorite, respectively.

Zurayda informed that there were 26 participants from a number of universities in Yogyakarta joining the competition, called “Hanyu Qiao”, conducted by Confucius Institute Headquarters (HANBAN) collaborating with Coordinating Board of Mandarin Education (BKPBT) of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) and Xinlong Mandarin Education Center.

At the competition aiming to discover DIY representatives to compete in a national level, UMY participants showed different performances. “First, each participant performed Chinese culture. Next, they delivered a speech in Mandarin on ‘Mastering Mandarin in Wherever We Are.’ Iqbal’s speech was about Meng Xiang Dian Liang Le Wo De Meihao Weilai (Dreams Brighten My Future), Nugroho’s speech was entitled Wo Zai Zhongguo De Shenghuo (My Story in China), and my speech was entitled Wo De Hanyu Gushi (My Mandarin Story). Afterwards, a question-answer session,” explained Zurayda.

She added there were three judges from Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. “Finally, participants won the competition will compete in a national level in May 2019,” she ended.

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