Students of UMY Coin Lighting for Fisherman Powered by Sea Water


Indonesia is one of the largest maritime countries so that a lot of people work as fishermen. Many of them fish using a petromax lamp fueled by kerosene considered as less environmentally friendly and quite expensive.

Noticing the fact, five students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) associated in a team of Student Creativity Week of Copyright Works (PKM-KC) created LIFE WATER (Lighting for Fisherman Powered by Sea Water). They were students of Electrical Engineering Department, namely Fazal Hawari (batch 2015), Febi Fauzan Azmi (batch 2014), Amir Malik Hizbullah (batch 2014), Joko Suprayitno (batch 2014), and Salman Al-Farisi (batch 2015). The team was supervised Dr. Ramadoni Syahputra, S.T., M.T.

The LIFE WATER is a lighting technology that the fishermen can use when fishing. “The LIFE WATER is more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly since it is powered by sea water,” told Fazal Hawari, the team leader in an interview on Friday (14/7).

The LIFE WATER can emit light farther than a petromax lamp. “The LIFE WATER is not used a battery, and is complemented by a tension setting to control the brightness of LED (Light-Emitting Diode). It does not need to be charged, but it should be refilled by sea water for certain time. Thus, the use can be longer than a petromax lamp,” explained Fazal.

Meanwhile, the LIFE WATER utilizes two electrodes, carbon and copper, put in the sea water so that it creates positive and negative electrode. Then, the electrodes are connected with LED super bright. “The series will be closed (Loop System) that electrons produces by the sea water will move through electrodes to the tension setting and do to LED super bright so that it can turn on the LED. Electricity as power to turn on the LED can increase radius of lighting,” mentioned Fazal.

He also expected that the LIFE WATER can assist and raise the fish catch. “I wish that this tool can be developed sustainably and produced in the great number so that the fishermen can utilized this tool,” hoped Fazal.

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