Students of UMY Innovate a Street Detector Walking Meter

According to the Council for National Harmony (DKN) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Indonesia has the largest archipelago with 17,504 islands. To bridge the wide areas, infrastructure development is necessary. However, the development often confronts obstacles due to a measurement of topography in the areas. Noticing the circumstance, students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) proposed a solution through Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa – Karsa Cipta (PKM-KC). They coined a Street Detector Walking Meter (SADEWA ROBOT).

The topography is commonly measured manually. “Surveyors spend much time calculating length and width of a road since they use a manual walking distance meter. Thus, an automatic tool to measure the distance and integrated to a computer is necessary,” declared an Electrical Engineering student of UMY of batch 2014 on a press release on Friday (20/7).

Amir mentioned that the SADEWA RABOT is much more efficient in constructing roads in Indonesia. “The SADEWA ROBOT possesses an encoder to measure the distance and a data monitoring system can be carried out through an LCD display, smartphone android, and computer. The system is connected to internet so that it can be monitored in real time. The robot is equipped by a transmitting antenna as a ground station, telemetry as a data sender and receiver, and a remote control,” he explained.

Additionally, the team expected that the SADEWA ROBOT can be beneficial to accelerate the infrastructure development in Indonesia.

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