Students May Not Worry about Their Future

“While you are young, enjoy all processes. You may not worry about your future. You have to leverage your time during your study to gain a lot of experiences and to try everything, and you may not forget learning,” declared Firman, Director #NEXTBRAND consultant activation & digital agency at a talks show on ‘CreaTrivepreneur Industri Kreatif Zaman Now’. The talk show was conducted by Tri Indonesia collaborating with Office of Public Relations and Protocol of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Thursday (22/11) at A.R. Fachruddin A of UMY.

Firman stated that industrious students must have ambitions and obsessions, and the notion should be instilled since they are young. “Obtain a lot of knowledge and experiences and reach your dreams as a part of a learning process of the achievement,” he declared. In creative industries, human resources are an essential aspect so that students should try something new. We have of think creatively and put it in actions. Commence finding an idea and foster it to start a promising business,” he emphasized.

Firman added that, if we have already had a business, as an entrepreneur we have to enhance our competences. “If we have become an entrepreneur, we may not only wish supports of consumers but also become competent so that our clients are not disappointed and they are interested in what our business offers,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, building networking since studying at university will determine future. Trying something new will reinforce our future networking. The other talk show speaker, and entrepreneur, as well as co-founder of Great Digital Agency & Founder Alya Mirza encouraged, “We may not be afraid of suffering losses because it is a part of a learning process and not all people are suitable for entrepreneurship, but we will never know if we do not seek it.”

Alya inserted that creative industries are now booming and students should take this occasion. “We have to be responsive to take the opportunity, develop skills, and collaborate with entrepreneur communities,” he maintained.

Additionally, the other talk show speaker Head of Marketing of Tri Indonesia for Yogyakarta Noorsis Anna Lucyana offered a change for students to have an internship at Tri Indonesia Yogyakarta. She said that what we learn today will be valuable for our future.

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