State Financial Management Becomes a Mean of Achieving National Goals

Mentioned on Law No. 17/2003, President as Head of Government holds power of state finance management as a part of governmental power and financial management power to achieve the national goals. However, to assist president’s duties, the power is authorized to Minister of Finance, Minister/Institution Head of Budget User/ministry Goods Users, and governors/regents/mayors as local government.

“The stages of the financial management comprising of planning, implementation, administration, reporting, accountability and supervision. They have been arranged on Law No. 17/2003 on State Finance,” explained Head of Finance and Local Asset Management of Yogyakarta Drs. Kadri Renggono, M.Si. in a public lecture conducted by International for Law and Sharia (IPOLS) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Saturday (30/12).

Nevertheless, many undisciplined financial managements hampering the country to reach the goals. Indeed, manipulation of financial management in several areas also happened. Drs. Kadri inserted that not only governmental employees but also students need to know the financial management. “Thus, the misuse of financial management can be reduced,” he wished.

Recognizing the financial management, students can sustainably plan a financial management and account for their planning. Students are expected to promote transparency of the financial management to control the authority and to educate community to actively participate in overseeing the financial management.

Meanwhile, Secretary of IPOLS Nasrullah, S.H., S.Ag., MCL hoped that the public lecture could enhance students’ knowledge of finance and could be beneficial for public as the implementation of tri dharma perguruan tinggi (the Three Principles of Higher Education).

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