Sembalun Children’s Awareness of a Healthy Lifestyle Is Low

Children’s awareness of health, particularly hand washing and brushing teeth (dental health), in Semablun, Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat is low. Indeed, some of the children do not possess a tooth brush.

Noticing the fact, a team of Generasi Indonesia Mengabdi (GENESIA) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) performing a community service in Sembalun conducted a hand washing and tooth brushing movement on Friday (28/7) at SD 1 Sajang, Sembalun.

A Health Division coordinator Eka Nugraha Putra stated that the activity aimed at raising children’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle, particularly washing hand and brushing teeth. “Most of the children have not brushed their teeth yet twice a day,” told Eka.

“Indeed, the children do not have a tooth brush. This program is expected to growing their awareness of brushing their teeth twice a day and washing hand especially before having meals,” he wished.

Eka informed that 73 students of SD 1 Sajang participated in the hand washing and tooth brushing movement. It was commenced by counseling of impacts of an unhealthy lifestyle. “Afterwards, the students were motivated to wash their hands and brush teeth appropriately. We also asked them to play games. Then, the students practiced to wash hand and teeth,” he mentioned.

The students were also accompanied by their teachers. “Children’s awareness of hand washing and tooth brushing is low. The program can trigger them and raise their awareness of a healthy lifestyle. I hope that there would be another counseling of a healthy lifestyle. I would like to thank the GENESIA team for conducting this program,” expressed Suryawadi, S.Pd. Vice Principal of SD 1 Sajang.

The GANESA, in fact, also organized the movement at the other two schools, SD 2 Sajang and SD 3 Sajang.

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