SEBI UMY Hosts Product Value Improvement Workshop

The business trend among today’s generation is increasing, especially among students. However, starting a business needs to be supported by good business knowledge for it to go smoothly.  To that end, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) made an attempt to increase its students’ business knowledge my having its Student Enterpreneurship and Business Incubator (SEBI) group host an event themed “Increasing Product Value” on Friday (26/07) at AR Fakhrudin Building B’s fifth floor court room.

This event was fully supported by the head of SEBI UMY, Taufik Akhbar, SE., MBA. In his opening speech, he stated that the goal of this event is to enable students to create a product specifically tailored to what the market needs, so they do not make a half-finished product. “The product that they have made are good, and they are different from the ones already available in the market. Therefore, this workshop is hosted because they have different values in the products they made,” he stated.

“Opening a business is not very hard for beginners, as long as they know how to properly do it, so, in this workshop, we will train our students to practice creating business ideas in groups. Each group will then discuss and solve any problems that may occur between its members,” he added.

Muhammad Miftahun Nadzir BABA, MBA, a speaker and lecturer in the Faculty of Business Economy stated that someone’s business experience must be able to endure any incidents and last for a long time. A good starting point to consider for business owners is long-term development, not money. “If their aim is to make money, they will immediately give up when they see unfavourable numbers and close their business ventures. One of the many mistakes business owners make is exhausting their funds at the beginning. They do not even consider letting their business develop in the future,” He stated.

“Another thing to consider in a business is that a business owner should perform a survey of the market because that is where you will find the realities of the market and customers. You cannot possibly know this if you do not conduct any surveys yourself,” Nadzir closed. (ads)

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