Scientific Work Is Essential for Science Development

Pembina Tim PIMNAS UMY Sugito, S. IP., M. Si saat menyampaikan materi workshop Program Kreatifitas Mahasiswa di depan peserta workshop mahasiswa UMY.
Pembina Tim PIMNAS UMY Sugito, S. IP., M. Si saat menyampaikan materi workshop Program Kreatifitas Mahasiswa di depan peserta workshop mahasiswa UMY.

Novel idea and research are two aspects which could contribute to the science development. Many issues could be raised to become new ideas and the development of sciences. The contribution could be carried out through coining scientific work. The scientific work would provide knowledge for society regarding new thought.

Nevertheless, this scientific work focuses on not only science but also social and political field. “Indeed, scientific work not only concern with scientific field, but also social and political science field that many issues are developing and need to solve,” explained Rahmawati Husein, MCP., Ph.D., an academician at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and as a speaker of “Workshop of Student Creativity Program – Scientific Work” on Thursday (8/1) in Mini Theater, Building D, Floor 4 at UMY. This event was socialization from a team of PIMNAS UMY to inform PIMNAS 2015.

Rahma continued that social political issues that could turn a scientific work were International Relations regarding the issues of Indonesian labor (TKI), which had not had concrete solutions yet. “In Communication Sciences, we could examine the use of effective communication while in Governmental Studies we could concern with politics since politic in Indonesia has still been very unstable after reform,” she conveyed.

Rahma also uttered that the scientific development contribution aimed at creating new knowledge based on prior knowledge through conducting novel research which had never been developed by others yet and then it would be published. “The innovation would be employed by society and provide obvious solution for unsolved issues,” he uttered.

However, according to the disaster expert, a researcher who would write a scientific work should stand on the research ethics and conform knowledge and filed they focused on. “Several aspects which need to keep in mind are that a researcher should conduct a research as knowledge and field they concern with because, when the field is appropriate, it would minimize difficulties in coining the scientific work. Although it is not possible to attempt other fields, the researcher might find difficulties later due to having governed the knowledge yet,” he mentioned.

The governmental study lecturer of UMY also told that the other aspect, which should be emphasized in scientific work, was reading a lot of scientific journals because it would assist the researcher arrange the scientific work. “A researcher needs to read many literatures and journals in carried out scientific work or research moreover if it is students. Students’ noticeable shortage is lack of reading literatures or journal, whereas it would easily sharpen creativity in looking for excellent social political issues,” told Rahmawati.

Besides, Dr. Hempri Suyanto S.Sos., M.Si., a PKM supervisor of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and also a speaker of the event, creating scientific work needs to insert educational and scientific values as well as to read enchiridion by DIKTI. It would be additional value for students or researchers who are willing to propose their researches to DIKTI. “In order that the scientific work could be accepted, it is very essential to obeying the writing formats and completing administration. The way is by reading the guidebook since many teams did not pass because of incomplete administration,” he expounded.

Researches competed in National Student Scientific Event (PIMNAS) are Student Creativity Program (PKM) in Research, PKMT (Application of Technology), PKMK (Entrepreneurship), PKMM (Community Service), PKM-KC (Copyright Work), PKM-AI (Scientific Article), and PKM-GT (Written Notion). Those PKM could pass to PIMNAS and could not. PKMP, PKMT, PKMK, PKMM, and PKM-KC are main PKMs listed in PIMNAS while PKM-AI could not be passed and PKM-GT is fifty-fifty. If the grade of PKM-GT is as required standard, it would go to PIMNAS and would achieve price (cash). Additionally, it also could not pass but could achieve 3 millions of the cash.

There is the difference between PKM-AI and PKM-GT. PKM-AI refers to student scientific work in form of writing or scientific article focusing on conducted activities and it is proposed online. While, PKM GT refers to a notion which does not need to apply so that students just coin new thoughts to cope with problems and find tangible solution. “For those students, who would like to create scientific work without conducting research for 6 months, could join PKM-AI or PKM-GT. Furthermore, the scientific work does not need enormous fund,” explained Sugito, S.Ip., M.Si. as the supervisor of PIMNAS UMY’s teams.

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