RINA-BONGPIS: An Alternative to Organic Nutrients for Hydroponics

Urban farming with hydroponics technology is commenced to enhance agricultural production. The hydroponics refers to growing plants in water. Addition of nutrients is necessary to growth of plants. However, the nutrients commonly cost expensively so that capital spent by businesspersons is high but the profits are low.

Noticing the fact, three students of Department of Agrotechnology of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) of batch 2015 Anggarsih Triyono, Alis Diah Kusumawati, and Ilyas Al Akbar coined an organic nutrient for hydroponics called RINA-BONGPIS. The organic nutrient utilizes waste of agriculture and animal husbandry which contain micro and macro nutrients, gibberellin and cytokinin, and more than 7 microorganism playing important roles such as nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-solubilizing bacteria. Afterwards, the nutrients were tested in red lettuce at a greenhouse of Faculty of Agriculture of UMY on 5 May-10 June.

The RINA-BONGPIS is a solution for a cheap and sustainable nutrient. Indeed, it can escalate selling price of an organic products. Using organic nutrients will produce healthy organic products that now become a trend in community as consumers. The RINA-BONGPIS is ready to be marketed.

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