Religion and Country Can Solve Humanity Issues

Meddling in a modern era, people find various humanity issues dealing with politics, economy, and extreme climate changes. Therefore, all parties should cooperate in solving humanity problems in not only Indonesia but also the world.

A lecturer of Department of International Relations of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. stated that nowadays people confront many challenges, especially climate change issues. People in the world cannot gather enough money to anticipate a sudden climate change that occurs at the time. Global warming causes the increase of sea level which later leads to sinking of several regions. This, at the same time, drives people to move to other regions.

“Today we face natural problems which can cause economic disparities. These problems also can induce political matters, especially money politics. In this term, people who own capitals tend to control the poor ones,” conveyed Bambang at the 5th International Student Conference on Humanity Issues held by Master of International Relations Studies at Graduate School of UMY on Thursday (14/3).

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Magdy Behman, M.A., DIS emphasized the importance to approach religious and cultural aspects as means to solve social problems. He explained that cultural and religious differences are not problems to group people. Every religion endows values to understand and respect other religions. Magdy Behman continued, “Culture is not as plain as it seems. It has many positive points which urge people to understand each other. Through a complete understanding of differences, we can contribute to help people solve humanity problems.”

Magdy Behman detailed that conflicts can emerge because all parties feel superior to others. Hence, he urged all audiences to think from many perspectives so that they can understand differences in other religions and cultures. He also explained that values in cultures and religions should be practiced.

The discussion is ended with a statement from Indonesian Consul General for Kinabalu City Andhika Bambang Supeno. He maintained that cooperation among Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand is needed for all Indonesian migrant workers. This cooperation aims to provide legal protection to the migrant workers from all crimes. This action should be conducted because they are targets of humanity crimes. “To solve this case, Indonesian government should enhance diplomatic actions to advocate all migrant workers,” ended Andika.

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