Fitriah Received a Doctorate for Researching Honest Education in Sukma Bangsa Pidie School

Honesty is a religious mandate, a requirement in social, economic, and political living, and one of the characteristics of the nation. However, cheating, hoax, and corruption in Indonesia is evidence of dishonesty as a phenomenon. This inspires Fitriah’s dissertation, one that made her receive a doctorate from the Doctorate Promotion Session of Islamic Psychology Education Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta that was held in the JK School of Government Postgraduate Building, UMY Central Campus on Friday (9/8).

In her dissertation regarding the implementation of Honest Education in Sukma Bangsa Pidie School in Aceh, Fitriah explained that her study aims to offer the implementation of honest education in schools, presenting the concept of honesty, as well as exploring the importance of honesty in schools. According to Fitria, students who are taught with the honest education method are hoped to have a strong stance against corruption in the future.

“The research methods used in this research include observation of the teaching and learning sessions, as well as in-depth interviews to the teachers, employees, headmaster, school director, students, parents, and the school’s committee. The researcher believes that honest education is mandatory in schools to reduce cheating and early corruption,” Fitriah explained in front of her examiners.

Fitriah stated that the honest education method implemented by Sukma Bangsa Pidie School is a commitment of all the parties involved. “The concept of honesty is included in the vision and mission of the school and written down in the school’s operational guide. As a result, the implementation of honest education in the school is holistic and integrated.

In addition, Sukma Bangsa Pidie school is unique because it includes a pact of integrity, represented by signatures from all of the school’s denizens. Fitriah reveals that the students were taught honesty in a spiritual training session. “They used an approach through discipline, closeness, habituation, existing facilities, consistency, as well as the reinforcing of the school’s systems. This is all for the creation of a no-cheating, no-corruption generation”.

Thanks to her dissertation, Fitriah graduated as the 76th Doctor of UMY’s Islamic Psychology Education program. She is also the 97th Doctor of UMY. (Hbb)

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