Ramadhan Trains Muslims to Be More Pious

Ramadhan is a holy month that Allah multiples the reward for good deeds and forgives signs. A hadith also mentions that the devils are chained up during Ramadhan. Thus, Muslims should be more disciplined to worship.

“In Ramadhan, Allah forgives our sins. Prof. Quraish Shihab defined that Ramadhan is strengthening our heart to be more familiar with Allah the Almighty and to know the essence of life. Understanding the meaning of Ramadhan will make us better before we fast. It is like a knife. The more often it sharpens, the sharper it is,” stated Head of Muhammadiyah regional area dr. Agus Taufiqurrahman, M.Kes., Sp.S. in a sermon after Tahajud prayer on Sabtu (10/6) at Masjid K.H. Ahmad Dahlan.

Agus queried whether or not Ramadhan becomes a medium for Muslims to improve themselves. “If understand Ramadhan is a month to enhance our capacity as Muslims, we will be better people. However, Rasulullah shalallahu ‘alayhi wa salam mentions kam min shoimin laisa lahu min shiyamihi illal ju’ wal ‘atos, meaning that many people fast, but they get nothing except being hungry and thirsty. Thus, our Ramadhan will be useless if we cannot make ourselves better,” he asserted.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says that Ramadhan is a special month. “We are now at two privileged times, namely Ramadhan and the last third of the night. As mentioned on a Hadith Qudsi, Allah grants prayers and forgives people in the last third of the night,” maintained Agus.

Moreover, he explained that, while fasting, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drink, and engaging in sexual relations. “If people are not able to control themselves from the activities, they will start facing their downfall. During Ramadhan, we learn to differentiate what we need and want because our need is limited while our desire is unlimited. Thus, fasting is a medium to manage ourselves,” said Agus.

He declared that Ramadhan should be a journey to piety. “It is as taking a walk. The more we walk, the nearer the destination, and so does Ramadhan. We are now in the middle of Ramadhan, we are supposed to be close to the piety. If the piety increases, our fast is successful for strengthening our piety. When Ramadhan ends, I wish that we would not turn back to do sinful behaviors,” advised Agus.

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