Raise Your Awareness of Taking Roles in Development of Indonesia

Students are an essential pillar to change and develop this nation, but they are considered to have lack of awareness of contribute to their nation. None of actions to diminish their apathy so that they can apply their knowledge to improve this nation. Noticing the fact, Faculty of Islamic Studies of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a national seminar on ‘Reconstruction of the Roles of Youths in Developing Indonesia’ on Saturday (22/12) at Amphitheater of E6 of UMY.

A speaker of the seminar Fahruddin Faiz stated that the first step to raise students’ awareness is recognizing themselves. On the other words, students should possess vivid goals. They have to know why they take their courses so that they can discover themselves better and have ideas what they will do in their future.

“You have to explore yourself till you are aware that Allah can amazingly create something so that you will know your God. Afterwards, foster yourself as your understanding because everyone is special. Do not feel inferior and since you have potential and competencies to be valuable. Besides, you have to fight your laziness,” declared Fahruddin, who is a lecturer for a course subject of Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy at UIN Sunan Kalijaga.

Fahruddin also talked about prophetic awareness that a mission of awareness is not merely to execute ideas. “For instance, Isra’ and Miraj of Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca to Sidratul Muntahai to meet Allah. We may become complacent after we reached our goal. However, Prophet Muhammad went back to the earth after attaining the top. He sought to save his people. Thus, prophetic awareness refers to having an idea, achieve the objective, and repeat it to look for benefits for others,” maintained Fahruddin.

Additionally, the other speakers at the national seminar were a businessman of 13 big companies Ahmad Najib Wiyadi and a creative dakwah activist on social media Ridwan Khalid. Khalid conveyed that communication science is necessary to succeed in providing merits, to contribute to Indonesia, and to managing companies.

“90 percent of issues in the world are caused by miscommunication. No matter how high your education and intelligence level, if you do not have capability in communication to explain what is on your mind, you will not make anything. For example, you possess a business idea but you do not dare to express it public. Then, you tell your idea to your friend who are good at communication. Who will succeed is your friend, not you. Hence, expressing your ideas is the key to make changes,” emphasized Khalid.

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