Quality Voters Are a Urgent Aspect of Elections

Simultaneous elections are conducted on 17 April 2019 and a lot of preparation is necessary. As voters, Indonesian citizens should decide to whom they will give their vote. Indonesian people should become voters capable of carrying out quality elections. To prepare for the quality elections, Komunitas Independen Sadar Pemilu (KSIP) collaborating with Master of Governmental Studies of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted the Fourth Training in Elections on Saturday (6/10) at Forriz Hotel.

Vice President of the Central Information Commission (KIP) of the Republic of Indonesia Hendra J. Kede, being a speaker of the training, stated that quality voters are an urgent aspect for the Indonesian elections. “150 million Indonesian people have a right to vote. In order that the vote is valuable, they have to possess capability to elect, compete, and be qualified. Our vote represents our capability. To broaden and enhance the capability entails political education which is not merely about promotion of how to elect, but provides political information for Indonesian people,” he declared.

Hendra also explained that the gaining political information is a constitutional owned by Indonesian people. “Post-reform has brought many shifts of how the state manages information. Indonesian people now have rights to gain information, including political information, as mentioned on UUD 1945, article 28F, the second amendment. The rights should be utilized to obtain a lot of political information so that Indonesian people’s political knowledge is equal to knowledge of political actors. The rights may not be infringed and the KIP is an institution to maintain the rights,” he emphasized.

Hendra added that three aspects should be undertaken. “First, each Indonesian citizen should be ensured that they recognize their constitutional rights so that they know the significance of political information and they can access it. Second, the political education should adjust to voters’ condition that an information flow should be differentiated and given gradually that they comprehend the information well. Last, we have to confirm that the people access the information in order to be competent voters during and after the elections and to afford the massively political education for other people,” he asserted.

Additionally, Hendra conveyed that the political education aimed to create quality voters. “The ultimate goal of the political education is that voters possess ability in electing a leader. This belief should underlie all political education,” he stressed.

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