Public Service, a Solution to Reduce a Poverty Rate

Government holds a great role in good public services and policies which will help to reduce a poverty rate. The good services and policies will lead to the community development in terms of productivity, income, health and education. However, a lot of problems are often found till now.

In Yudisium & Final Lecture of Graduate School of Period III of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) attended by 109 graduate candidates on Saturday (29/7) at Amphitheater of Graduate School of UMY, a speaker Prof.  Dr. Wahyudi Kumorotomo., MPP stated that there are several elements of public services.

The first element is basic social services, education and health. The second element is administrative services such as letter permits, licenses, and certificates. Both elements should be entirely sustainable, and the government should have commitment and well integrity to be service providers for the public in need. “In Indonesia, public services are not quite satisfying since there are some problems as discriminative services that high position people are always served differently. This circumstance is not supposed to occur and it becomes the main problem,” stated Prof. Wahyudi.

According to Prof. Wahyudi, the next problem is a low level of transparency from government. “In public service institutions, both government and other institutions, there are still found irresponsible person who asks for illegal charges. Another problem is less responsive bureaucrats towards public complains and critics of unsatisfying services. Hence, I think that government should possess obvious public service systems of administration, information, and others,” contended Prof. Wahyudi, who is also a lecturer of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of University of Gadjah Mada.

He also emphasized that public service providers must not feel needed since they should prioritize people. “To cope with the problems, people should be trained not to give tips to public service providers. If the public service can consistently be improved, the poverty rate will decrease. Indeed, the high poverty rate is the result of low quality of public services, particularly in terms of productivity, health services, and educational services,” mentioned Prof. Wahyudi.

Prof. Wahyudi also conveyed that, education field actually plays important roles in reducing the poverty rate. Puskesmas (community health centers) can contribute to diminish the poverty rate. “In many countries, immunization is free since the government consistently gives financial supports. I think this is the best solution. Therefore, it is expected that everyone have pursued higher education have to control public service providers in order that they maintain their integrity. Indeed, all of master’s degree holders working as a middle manager in an association should enhance the quality of public services. These people possess high responsibilities for making renewal and giving innovative contribution to the development of this nation,” he advised.

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