Prospering the Mosque of UMY, the Committee Organizes ‘Ramadhan at Campus’

Regular activities at campus during Ramadhan are always dealing with religious activities. The activities are well known as ‘Ramadhan at Campus’ (RDK). Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized RDK involving community around the university. The activities was conducted by committee of the mosque of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan engaging students and supported by various elements.

The activities were also supported by internal and external parties of UMY. Chief of RDK Azwar Kahlid was interviewed on Thursday (25/6) at the mosque of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan UMY. He stated that RDK cooperated with Agency of Zakat, Infaq, and Shadaqah (Lazizmyu) and Mangrove Printing.

Azwar said that this year RDK was not different from last year RDK, but the activities alleviated. “We had 15 activities last year, yet we now have 8 activities. For one reason, the activities are conducted chronologically and the number of committee also decreased because they back to their hometown before the activities end,” he informed.

The eight activities comprised of writing competition on 31 May, Tabligh Akbar of welcoming Ramadahan on 16 June, Khitanan Massal on 14 June, breaking fasting every day started from afternoon Islamic lecturer, CERDAS competition on 27-28 joined by 4 to 12-year-old children. “For CERDAS competition, there will be six categories based on the age. They are Tahfidz competition for 4 to 12-year-old children, calligraphy competition for 8-12-year-old children, adzan competition for 8-12-year-old children, and drawing competition for 6-10-year-old children,” he informed.

Azwar inserted that RDK would also held cheap grocery bazar on 5 July, sahur on the road, and breaking fasting with 1000 orphans. “For grocery bazar, we provide 100 cheap groceries for underprivileged community. Sahur on the road would be conducted twice on 21 June and 5 July on Tugu station, Alun-alun Utara (Altar), and Alun-alun Kidul (Alkid). The food for sahur will be given to pedicab drivers or vagrants,” he added.

 Additionally, there was a main activity of RDK to attract community. As the opening on 16 June, RDK UMY invited Prof. Dr. Amien Rais in Tabligh Akbar raising a theme “Ramadhan as the momentum for Muslims to go to the real Islamic civilization”. Azwar also informed that in the closing RDK will break fasting with 1000 orphans at Sportorium of UMY. It will be invited Rector of UMY and his officials such as vice chancellors and deans. “In the breaking fasting with 100 orphans, Insya Allah there will be the runner of Pildacil ANTV last year,” he ended.

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