Promoting Tolerance, KPI of UMY Conducts an Intercultural Lecture

Globalization enables youths in the world to share information, culture, ideas. Through the sharing, they can be more open-minded and enhance a sense of tolerance to other people with different culture. Thus, Department of Islamic Broadcasting and Communication (KPI) of Universitas Muhammaidyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held a public lecture on Building Intercultural understanding between Indonesia and South Korea on Monday (30/7) at a classroom of Graduate School of UMY. The lecture was delivered by Shin Jiwon, a junior student at Hankuk University, Seoul, South Korea.

Secretary of KPI of UMY Rhafidilla Vebrynda, M.Ikom. stated that students could learn a lot and share cultural information between two countries. “In this globalization era, it is a must for students to learn tolerance and differences. This public lecture allows students and the speaker to share information, culture, and issues at both countries, South Korea and Indonesia,” she declared.

Meanwhile, Shin Jiwon presented her views on Islamic phenomena and tourism in Indonesia. “Many people think that Islam is a rude religion teaching radicalism. The idea emerge due to hoaxes. Islam essentially never teaches the thought. Islamophobia occurs since people are reluctant to understand Islam and look for information about it,” she maintained.

She also told that she came to Indonesia to conduct research on dakwah on social media done by Indonesian youths. “Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world so that a lot of phenomena dealing with Muslims must ensue. I am interested in investigating Muslim youths using social media to carry out dakwah,” she added.

She also maintained that it is essential to find out culture and information around the world. “When we do not know facts of groups of people or culture, fear may appear. Hence, let us always learn and share thoughts,” emphasized Shin Jiwon.

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