Promoting Ethnic Cultures trough an Expo of ABU Robocon 2015

Various ethnic cultures of Yogyakarta attract foreigners. Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Robot Contest (ABU Robocon) 2015 can be a medium to promote the cultures to the contest participants from 18 countries. Thus, an expo is organized to acquaint and inform cultures of Yogyakarta. It will be conducted on Saturday-Sunday (22-23/8) and will focus on ethnic cultures.

The aforementioned paragraph was conveyed by an expo coordinator of ABU Robocon 2015 Bondan Gazali Muchtar, S.IP. “Since it is an international contest, the expo theme is regarding ethnic cultures of Indonesia. Thus, we provide merchandise made in Yogyakarta besides ABU Robocon merchandise like batik as typical fashion of Yogyakarta,” he mentioned during preparing expo stands opened on Saturday (22/8) besides Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

Bondan stated that the expo also aimed at raising entrepreneurship enthusiasm students of UMY. “90% of expo participants are students of UMY, and the others are invited external parties like Mister Burger and Mendoan. There will be 12 stands and 13 participants,” he informed.

Bondan asserted that the merchandise costs from 10 – 40 thousand rupiahs. The price is in line with the item quality as written batik costs about 400 thousand rupiahs. The expo also serves foreigners who employ money from their country and will return it with the same currency, but it is limited. In addition, the will be Liaison Officers (LOs) to assisting foreigners buy the merchandise. “To ease buyers, we facilitate purchase using foreign currency. May they buy with fixed price because we provide the change in dollar, yuan, and yen. For one reason, Chinese and Japanese observers are the greatest. Dealing with the language, the committee has 4 Los to serve in the 12 stands,” he affirmed.

Additionally, it will be sold various foods made by students of UMY supervised by Student Entrepreneurship Business Incubator (SEBI) of UMY. The expo will also afford angkringan and typical food of Jogja which are well-known for the low cost. It will open at 8 am – 5 pm for public and it is free.

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