Primary Health Care in Indonesia Should Be Improved

Clinical governance of primary health care in Indonesia such as Puskesmas, Poskesdes, and Posyandu needs to be improved. Bad clinical governance effects imbalance of the primary health care which is the nearest heath care around people’s dwelling.

At the 3rd International Conference of Medical & Health Science 2018 on Wednesday (1/8) at K.H. Ibrahim Building of Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta, Professor at Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Prof. dr. Hari Kusnanto, Josef, SU., Dr. P.H. declared that primary health care in Indonesia may not be worse that health care in other countries.

“Developing good clinical governance can enhance our health care quality. Bad clinical governance in primary health care in remote areas far from hospitals impacts on inequality health care,” stated Prof. Hari at the conference, a series of International Tropical Medicine Summer School (ITMSS) conducted by Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY till 19 August.

Good clinical governance is similar to quality improvement in a business area. In a health field, the improvement encompasses clinical audit, quality group, quality circle, and benchmarking. “Thus, teamwork is necessary to improve primary health care. However, the aspect is not quite good in Indonesia. We remain believing that physicians are leaders determining everything. Meanwhile, to achieve good clinical governance, all individuals should contribute to be leaders of their area of interest so that collaboration and equity will exist,” asserted Prof. Hari.

Moreover, collaboration and equity in primary care management should be evaluated through evolving teamwork among physicians, nurses, laboratory assistants, and pharmacists, and social workers related to patients and patients’ family. “All people should take roles to confront the issue. All of them are responsible for taking care of patients and do not rely on employers (physicians, ed.) at Puskesmas. We also should send the best experts in each field at Puskermas in remote areas,” maintained Prof. Hari.

Indeed, Puskesmas should play more roles in tackling non-critical diseases suffered by society such as mental illness and minor depression. It is expected that people in remote areas can be healed through the primary health care. The spread of primary health care must be equitable, and to reach it we have to escalate quality of clinical governance at primary care. Hence, our primary health care can be better,” emphasized Prof. Hari.

Additionally, the 3rd International Conference of Medical & Health Science 2018 was organized under the theme of ‘From Bench to Applied Sciences Moving towards Integrated Healthcare.’ The conference was joined by 150 participants comprising of foreign students, lecturers, undergraduate and master’s students from various universities in Indonesia. Held since 2015, the biennial conference could be organized collaborating with foreign university such as Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia, Tokushima University, Department of Biochemistry, Ibn Sina Medical College, and Faculty of Medicine 14030 Golkoy Bolu Turkey.

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