Phases to Succeed in Being Entrepreneurs for Retirees

Most of Indonesian people at the age of 55-60 take retirement since they confront issues of health, economy, and anxiety about their life. However, many of them enjoy their retirement due to running businesses. The retirement issues, then, was examined by Patisina on her dissertation entitled “Succeeding in a Business at retirement: Differences between Baby Boomer Generation and Generation X in Indonesia.”

Patisina explained several criteria of the successful retired. “After I conducted research, I concluded benchmarks of successful retirees. First, they have financial freedom and do not possess financial problems. Second, they own family time freedom or having spare time for their family. Third, they are blessing others or they benefit other people. Last, they possess degree of spirituality that they can get closer to Allah,” presented Patisina at her dissertation defense at Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Wednesday (5/9).

Patisina declared that bad quality life of retirees can occur. “Life of a worker will shift when they are retired. They probably cannot manage their severance pay and do not know what they will do after retired. They may not try to get closer to Allah. If the issues ensue endlessly, a retiree will always feel unwell and pass away,” she conveyed.

The facts drove a conclusion that retirees running a business and getting successful are the ones who can face rest of their life and get closer to Allah. “Successful retirees are the ones who are ready to face the retirement and enhance their religiosity,” concluded Patisina.

Additionally, at the doctoral defense, there were eight examiners, namely Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, Ph.D., P.Eng.; Dr. Ariz Fauzan, M.A.; Prof. Dr. Heru Kurnianto T.; Dr. Muhammad Anis, M.A.; Prof. Dr. Siswanto Masruri, M.A.; Dr. Mahli Zainuddin, M.Sc.; Dr. M. Nurul Yamin, M.Sc.; and Dr. Abd. Madjid, M.Ag. Patisina was the 46th graduate from Doctoral Program of Psychology of Islamic Education and the 57 doctoral graduate from UMY.

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