PETITA FH UMY Team Won First Place in National Moot Court Competition

The delegation of the PETITA community’s moot judicial team of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Faculty of Law (FH UMY) won first place in the National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) that was held by the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). This competition was the first competition held in Indonesia and aims to provide understanding to law students regarding e-litigation education. In addition, it is also an effort to improve student competencies so that they can resolve legal disputes later. The UMY team delegation was accompanied by Dr. Danang Wahyu, S.H., M.Hum, Lecturer at FH UMY and the team itself consisted of 18 people including 16 participants and 2 officials.

The Head of Delegation, Muhammad Fadli when interviewed on Tuesday (18/2) said that the competition consisted of three stages, namely the elimination stage, the penultimate round, then the final stage. “The elimination round itself began in September 2019, and was followed by 35 representatives from law faculties throughout Indonesia, after passing the elimination round, we entered the penultimate round where there were 12 teams. Alhamdulillah, the UMY team was included in the round. The 12 teams were given a challenge for the trial simulation at the Jakarta District Court, which was held on 6 to 10 February 2020,” he explained.

Furthermore, Fadli also explained that UMY entered the final stage. “After 12 teams competed and 3 teams from UMY, UNNES, and UIN SUKA passed to the final stage, Alhamdulillah the UMY team won 1st place, then UNNES won 2nd place, and UIN SUKA won 3rd place. Besides getting 1st place, the UMY team also won other awards, namely the best judges, the best plaintiffs, the best witnesses or experts, the best substitute registrars, and the best defendants,” he explained.

Fadli hopes that the achievements that have been gained together with PETITA’s mock judicial community team can be improved and maintained, and can provide motivation to other law students. “I hope that what has been achieved can be maintained, as in the future it can improve the achievements of the pseudo judicial community PETITA UMY, especially for the Faculty of Law. This achievement can also be used as a motivation to drive the spirit to achieve achievements for other UMY Law Faculty students, “he concluded (Sofia)

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