People’s Monitoring Systems in a Social Life

Humans are social beings who require other people’s assistance. However, they occasionally do not need it and do everything to achieve their goals. Here, religions play essential roles in monitoring law so that people will not act as their wish and do not harm others.

“Living in a society is the essence of human beings. They cannot live by themselves,” declared Head of Board of Trustees of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Prof. Dr. H. Syamsul Anwar, M.A. when delivering preaching after tarawih at Masjid K.H. Ahmad Dahlan, UMY.

The other characteristic showing that humans are social beings is that they have their own interests. A social life comprises of interests of groups or individuals. Hence, it is no wonder that they use every means to reach their purposes.

Syamsul conveyed that it is necessary to exist systems to monitor humans’ lives. “There are three systems to lead humans in a right trach and not to harm themselves,” he informed.

First, Allah ses what humans perform. It does not literally mean that Allah directly watch us, but He oversees us. He does not monitor us physically, but his supervision is through our conscience. For instance, if we will do a bad thing, we can ask our conscience.

Second, there is a monitor by Rasul. The supervision can be seen through institutions or bodies focusing on Syariah laws.

Third, it is social monitoring that each Muslim or citizen oversees other people. Therefore, Muslims should concern with social issues around them.

In the end of his preaching, Syamsul advised people in the congregational prayer to find rewards during Ramadhan. “May we be able to purify this Ramadhan and implement what I have delivered,” he wished.

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