Spiritual Understanding of the Elderly Is Low


It was considered low the elderly’s spiritual intelligence and understanding for being closer to God. It was stated by head of Tresna Wredha social residence Dra. Rediatiwi W.J. “Most of the elderly, particularly in the residence, could not pray, recite Al-Qur’an, and utter syahadat appropriately. They also occasionally recite a prayer during their praying,” she said.

On contrast, despite having physical and health disorders, the elderly still had quite high enthusiasm for to raise their belief in God. “Their high spirit bears down their limit. Although they do not know that their movement and reading of prayer are not correct, they are still willing to do that,” added Rediawati.

The circumstance raised the awareness of five students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta toward the significance of getting closer to God for the elderly. The students were Tri Wahyuni and her other four friends as the members namely Sulistyaningsih, Desi Ismayani, Rizal Kurniawan, and Candra Kusuma. They created a group of PKM (Student Creativity Program) of community service. They would undertake Pose (Place of Spiritual Education) which refers to a training of spiritual intelligence for the elderly based Elder Mini Islamic School.

Tri, the chief, told that activities of the Mini Islamic School were a training of reciting Al-Qur’an, memorizing appropriate prayer readings and movement, daily prayers, and comprehension of Islam. “The activities aim at assisting the elderly and improve the way they pray,” she conveyed.

It was located at Tresna Wredha social residence, Bangun Jiwo, Kasongan, Bantul. The PKM program began on Monday (27/4). The elderly in the residence was enthusiastic about joining the activities such as reciting Al-Qur’an and daily prayers. “Alhamdulillah, the party of the residence and the elderly warmly welcome our activities,” Tri asserted.

Tri inserted that the Pose (Place of Spiritual Education) would cooperate with not only a party but also other elder residences in Yogyakarta. “We would attempt to cooperate with social services to carry out similar activities for elderly in Yogyakarta,” she continued.

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