Young Entrepreneurs Should Be Consistent and Good at Finding Occasions

Being a young entrepreneur needs sufficient preparation to achieve targets. Noticing it, Vocational Program of Accounting of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted an annual seminar on ‘Daring to Be a Young Creativepreneur’ at K.H. Ibrahim building of UMY on Tuesday (30/4). The seminar aimed to motivates students possessing a business.

The program invited a young entrepreneur Sarah Salsabila Keihl as the speaker. Sarah, born in Jember, is CEO of six restaurants in Malang, Surabaya Bali, and Jakarta. At the seminar, she shared her experiences in running her business. She has begun her business since she enrolled at Department of International Relations of University of Brawijaya. She told her business did not bother her study as she could graduate in November 2018.

Confronting a disruptive era, a young entrepreneur should be able to see, observe, and find occasions to commence a business. “To respond to technology demands, we have to notice opportunities. There are a lot of businesses but we should know the booming one or a highly valuable product,” declare Sarah.

Nevertheless, talking about running a business and studying, we have to be able to manage our time. As she experienced, she gave several tips of the time management.

“My schedule was tight when I was a freshman, but I had to study and run the business. Because I had to manage my time well, I had sleepless nights. Indeed, being consistent with what we do is a must and we have to take actions if we do not want other people take our chance,” emphasized Sarah.

Meanwhile, Head of the Program Barbara Gunawan, S.E., M.Si., AK., CA wished that the seminar would benefit students to start a business. “Sarah’s background comports youths. She utilizes social media for her business. She is a creative young entrepreneur. She may inspire UMY students and we, UMY lecturers, can learn from her,” she stated.

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