PBJ of UMY and Nikigakka Conducts a Japanese Language and Culture Event


Japanese Language Education (PBJ) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted日本GO4! (Nihon GO4!) Tsuyu no Kioku (Memories in the Rains). The theme was in line with the present season of Japan so that the participants would feel like being in Japan.

Chief of NIHON GO4!, Wistru Meisa, M.Pd., informed that the event encompassed educative contests such as rodoku contest (reading contest), speech contest, kana contest for high school students, character design contest and shuji contest (calligraphy contest) for public. “The event targets are students, Japanese language and culture learners in DIY and Central Java. The other contests are Japanese song karaoke contest and contest of eating takoyaki and ramen,” she told.

The event was held on Lapangan Bintang of UMY so that people, particularly Japanese language learners and Japanese pop culture lovers, may be more familiar with PBJ of UMY. “I wish that PBJ of UMY is well-known in DIY and Central Java, and PBJ could accommodate creativity, interest, and talent of Japanese language and culture learners,” she expected.

Wistri asserted that PBJ always cooperates with Japanese Department Student Association, NIKIGAKKA of UMY. This event was also supported by Vishaka, a very well grounded event organizer of Japanese cultural festivals. This collaboration attempted to present new performances of cosplayers, idol dancers, and Japanese music acoustic.

“Since the image of cosplayers and idol dancers is well-know for the sexy and sensual outfit, PBJ party has reminded them not to wear it. Thus, people, particularly Japanese language and culture lovers, may welcome the existence of UMY and it also aimed at reminding people Islamic values,” she emphasized.

The event was also supported by a lot of sponsors such as J-Fun Corner (media partner), Tokyo Genki (Japanese Apparel & Accessories Shop), Tom Japanese House, and Otaku. Besides, various food corners also enlivened the events so that Japanese cultural atmosphere was perceived.


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