Nia Dinata Is Eager to Change Indonesia through Film

Films could be a proper communication device for some people to send public a message. Through the audiovisual work, somebody could change a bad thing better. For instance, changing mindset of Indonesian people could be carried out by documentary films. The aforementioned statements were uttered by Nia Dinata, a famous Indonesian film producer and director in her visit to Communication Sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Wednesday (3/6).

Nia inserted that the significant aspect of Indonesia which has to shift is enhancing empathy among Indonesian people who still live in low economy and social. “Egoism of Indonesian people is adequately high. Their empathy and social awareness sometimes diminish due to their personal interests. In fact, if we notice further, there are a lot of Indonesia people confronting economic and social difficulties. Thus, the documentary film is expected to raise Indonesian’s awareness of others,” she stated.

There was also two movie screening directed by Nia Dinata, namely ‘Tanah Mama’ and ‘Emak Dari Jambi’. Tanah Mama was launched on 8 January 2015 telling that Papua is far away from other Indonesia islands. Papua is well-known having fertile lands and abundant mineral resources, but the people live in poverty and get lack of health service and education. In the circumstance, a woman was struggling against the violence and discrimination as reflected by the main actor of the movie, namely Mama Halosina.

Mama Halosina was a mother, wife, and woman of Papua. She was a hard worked in a rural area of Yakuhimo, Wamena. Mama earned her and her four children’s living because her spouse was leaving and marrying due to not having a planting area. One day, Mama took cassavas in her family’s land but she got punishment of paying 500 thousands to her family because of being accused as a thief. Mama attempted to pay the fine, yet she had to pass difficulties. The documentary film was directed by Asrida Elisabeth and produced by Nia Dinata. “Our struggles to produce the film were quite big. Having the power of these four women, we could pass to Yahukimo for about 5 hours on foot due to limited access of vehicles,” she told.

Furthermore, the film of Tanah Mama was one of the five films produced by Kalyan Production from a workshop project of ‘Change’ of Kalyana Shira Foundation. It was a workshop of creating documentary and short narrative film, and was organized once two years. The participants conducted research of films which would be produces and the selected story idea would become a film. “Through the workshop of project change, we have a mission to acquainting Indonesian people a documentary film. They might be aware of qualified and appropriate film to watch,” she emphasized.

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