National Seminar of Department of Informatics Engineering: Utilizing IoT and Big Data to Optimize the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Industrial Revolution 4.0 offers various technologies that can be applied to many fields. Those recent technologies can be utilized to optimize the old ones. For instance, big data can be used to predict issues, objects, and trends in the future. Potential use of information was a frequent topic mentioned in National Seminar of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, and Revolution 4.0. The seminar was conducted by Department of Informatics Engineering of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The seminar was held on Tuesday (9/4) at Hall of Kasman Singodimedjo Building of UMY.

In the opening, Dean of Faculty of Engineering of UMY, Jazaul Ikhsan, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. conveyed, “The industrial revolution 4.0 causes an alteration in culture and civilization. The change even penetrates into level of character as people previously survived without internet, now they are dragged into this inter-connectedness. The character penetration also can be seen through a phenomenon of industrialization. What becomes our problem is that we do not possess a settlement to confront industrial revolution 4.0, but we are forced to confront sophisticated technologies we do not master. Hence, people should truly comprehend our potentials to use the revolution as an urgency that requires serious follow-ups.”

Furthermore, the main speaker of the seminar, Onno Widodo, Ph.D. revealed that industrial revolution 4.0 focuses not only on current and sophisticated technologies but also their utilization. “IoT is a connectedness of internet through computing device embedded in daily objects. The device enables people to send and receive data. The device we know is only a commencement. Hereafter, the revolution also spans into the utilization of the big data. The big data is a set of information data related to issues that happen every day. It is how we process the data to fulfill our needs,” maintained Onno.

Onno continued, “Computing information analyses from the big data can ease people to find patterns, trends, and relations that correspond to behavior and interaction of mankind. This information can be used to predict future from a topic. For example, if we want to determine trends in e-commerce, we can look up into consumption pattern of consumers in online shopping sites. Additionally, people can predict arrival time, length of arrival, and traffic conditions. With a proper analysis, the information also can be used to predict direction of a country’s policy.”

Onno emphasized that industrial revolution 4.0 should prioritize the utilization of technology to extract information that people need. “This will become an asset for many years to come. We should optimize technology such as IoT and big data to ease our needs,” ended Onno.

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