National Food Security Reinforcement Is a Mean of Defending This Nation

According to Mckinsey Global Institute (MGI), in 2030 power of a country can be predicted from three sectors, namely consumptive economy; agriculture and fisheries; and energy. Indonesia with its enormous biodiversity and large potential of energy resources may be included in a MGI category for a powerful country. However, to be in the list cooperation of all elements is necessary.

A speaker at a Closing Lecture on Pancasila and Citizenship Reinforcement of Department of Agrotechnology of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Head of Bill of the Republic of Indonesia Drs. Muhammad Afnan Hadikusimo stated that to embody the prediction defending this country is the foremost step to undertake. At the lecturer conducted on Saturday (29/12) at UMY, Afnan maintained, “Imperialism is no longer performed through military means, but it should be carried out peacefully without neglecting its goal to govern other parties. For instance, devastating food security and energy of a country aims to make it rely on a target country of an imperialism doer. Thus, defending a country and enhancing awareness of being citizens become significant since it to preserve the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI),” he declared.

Afnan explained that defending a nation should actively be done in accordance with our profession and competences. “You are now studying agrotechnology and agriculture is a strategic aspect of a nation. Thus, your defense for this nation will significantly impact national food security and authority stability of Indonesia. We should not let food scarcity occur and depend on resources from other countries. Food security yielding sufficient food for all people influences their welfare. Your contribution as prospective agricultural engineers to manage harvest is real devotion to defend this nation,” maintained Afnan.

Meanwhile, a lecturer of the Pancasila and Citizenship Reinforcement subject course Ir. Gatot Supangkat, M.P. stated that the nationality study is an effort to reinforce students’ nationalism. “The lecture is an annual program for freshmen to strengthen their patriotism so that they can comprehend that knowledge of nationality is a part of a daily practice which they can do as their profession,” he told.

Gatot also said that the lecturer may enable students to elevate their nationalism. “Therefore, they have recognize how to prioritize prosperity of Indonesia in agricultural aspects,” he added.

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